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The Spectators' Odyssey - o'dell Inferno

Produced by DopoLavoro Teatrale and TO Live 


Creator, Writer and Director: Daniele Bartolini
Video/VR Director and Creator: Bruce McDonald
Co-Director, Technical Director and Sound Designer: Matteo Ciardi
Choreographer and Dancer: Esie Mensah
Poet and Writer: Luke Reece
Lighting Design: Marco Santambrogio
Dramaturge/concept for the finale of Journey Red: Michele Andrei
Dramaturge: Donato Santeramo
Composers: Andrea Gozzi & Fred Péloquin
VR Videographer: Ian Garrett
VR Filming/Editing: Toasterlab
Stage Manager: Ada Aguilar
Stage Manager: Melinda Mohammed
Producer: Thomas L. Mallon

Additional written scenes by: Megan Williams, Luke Reece, Bruce McDonald, Corrado Paina, Nicole Dufoe, Fred Péloquin

Featured Performers















Assistant Director and Dramaturge: Maddalena Vallecchi WilliamsAssistant Director and Dramaturge: Danya BuonastellaAssistant Director: Vik HovanisianSet Design: Franco Berti

Co-Created and Performed By: Nicole Dufoe, Nolan Molfetta, Maddalena Vallecchi Williams, Ori Black, Joyce Powell, Saïd Benyoucef, Megan Williams, Esie Mensah, Luke Reece, Daniele Bartolini, Dilay Taskaya, Mark Clearview, Danya Buonastella, Hugh Marsh, Jesse Cook, Sophie Brender, Iliana Spirakis, Madeleine Storms, Corrado Paina, Eugenia De Jong, Michael Wamara, Caitlin Morris-Cornfeild, Jordan Campbell, Andrea Gozzi, Fred Péloquin, Esme Beatrice Bartolini, Niccolò Bartolini, Lucy Sanci, JD Leslie, + a series of special appearances

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