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DLT (dopolavoroteatrale) is an international award winning company that is dedicated to innovative and experimental multi-disciplinary productions. DLT offers a brand new form called audience specific theatre. we create anything from theatre shows and installations to fully interactive, urban-immersive creations designed for one single audience member at a time. whatever the form, the audience always plays a pivotal role in our work and we continue to explore, experiment with and push the boundaries of the relationship between artists and audiences.
founded in 2006 in florence, italy by artistic director daniele bartolini, DLT is now based in toronto and our works are presented in canada, europe and india. 
what is audience specific theatre?

highly interactive creations in which the spectator becomes the protagonist of a multidisciplinary journey/adventure. DLT creates work specifically designed for each audience member, who is immersed amongst environments that they are free to explore as well as interact with a large number of artists ready to help them release their own creativity. in audience specific experiences, audiences are not considered mere observers but active participants. for us, the word audience is synonymous to co-author and artistic collaborator. whereas site-specific theatre creates shows designed for a particular location, audience specific theatre designs shows specifically created for each individual who will take part in the experience, generating an artistic dialogue between participant and artist.


a brand new DLT festival, Theatre On-Call, is happening right now!

DLT receives a dora award nomination for best ensemble (if on a christmas night...)!

"the things that sets DLT apart from the "immersive" genre is that it's what daniele bartolini calls audience-specific theatre, which is meaningful because the term points to how the play conforms to you — not just to you making choices of which way to drive the plot, but that the play is unfolding around and because of you."

- lise hosein cbc arts

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