Theatre On-Call: A Cultural Counter-Virus is Spreading...


“As someone born in Italy and as an immersive theatre practitioner whose practice is based on crossing the city and being close and intimate with others, I am deeply shaken by the current world situation related to the spread of COVID-19, as I’m sure all of us are. I feel the urge to respond and find a way of still being together while in isolation.”

 - Daniele Bartolini, Artistic Director DLT

Istituto Italiano di Cultura and DLT announce “Theatre On-Call”, a festival of contemporary, interactive performances occurring over the phone and other digital platforms, a way of keeping connected during these uncertain times.

While we are unable to connect physically during these times of social isolation, we can and will continue to connect- with our voices. Envisioned as a sort of counter virus, that spreads generating artistic responses and connecting and supporting audiences and artists.

All Theatre On-Call performances are PWYC. All funds go directly to artists who lost work due to Covid-19



























Saturday, May 30

8:00pm EST - Playlist d'artiste Episode 7: Manon Beaudoin

A night of intimate confessions from a featured artist about their passions and obsessions about other artists’ work. Discover the internal world of an artist, their inspirations and the encounters that shaped who they are today. A playlist, a cocktail of art for the culture lover and theatre dreamer. This Saturday, we are featuring Manon Beaudoin!

Director. Playwright. Circus creator. Performer/teacher of physical theatre. Manon has worked throughout Canada and all over the world; from the Caravan Farm Theatre in Armstrong BC, to working on Cirque du Soleil productions in Las Vegas and France, to touring the world with the acclaimed wordless masterpiece The Overcoat! 
*This is a bilingual event in french and in english*

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Sunday, June 7

3:00pm EST - Scarpe - Shoes

L’esemplare di scarpa più antico mai rinvenuto, e in buono stato di conservazione, risale al 3.500 A.C.
ed è stato trovato in una caverna dell’attuale Armenia: è una scarpa da donna, numero 37 e mezzo,
formata da un unico pezzo di pelle bovina, allacciata nella parte anteriore e in quella posteriore con una
cordina di cuoio. Anche io porto il 37 e mezzo. Da dove arriva la nostra vita presente?

* This event is in Italian*

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Theatre On-Call Presents:

Bedtime Stories On Demand

Friday, May 29 - May 31 

A one-on-one experience: bedtime stories from the comfort of your own bed. Choose from an array of different genres, send us your phone number, and we'll give you a call.
In a different time zone? Let us know what your bedtime is and we'll see what we can do. Please e-mail us at
We look forward to hearing from you.

Duration of each episode is about 30 minutes.
Tickets: $20
(if at this moment you can’t afford a ticket price please do get in touch)


Shows are available in English, Italian, French.

Platform: Zoom and WhatsApp


Each Genre runs every night at 9:30pm & 10:00pm

(Family is at 7:30pm)










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Ongoing Activities with Multiple Time Slots


How to Improve Life in Your Living Room (anytime upon booking. Ongoing activity for 6 days with daily tasks)

DLT artists, Franco Berti and Violante Binazzi, will give you tips about how to improve your life with capturing life moments, documenting artistically and what steps you can take to improve your life while confined in your home. This is an interactive project of exchange with audiences and artists. 

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Secrets (any time upon booking. 4 phone calls over the span of 4 days)

Give us your phone number. Receive random phone calls from someone. Register with your phone number and receive one to one short performances by Vincent Leblanc Beaudoin available en français and in English. Listen to someone’s secrets while in isolation, be their confidant.

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