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Daniele Bartolini

Artistic and Managing Director

Florentine born Torontonian, (auto) exiled. Daniele is a director, (post)dramaturgy playwright deviser, curator, producer, performer, and father of Niccolò. The genre he developed, called "audience-specific theatre", has been presented internationally in Canada, India, England, Germany, Italy. He is the Artistic Director of DLT, a company known for city-spanning experiences where the participants take on the role of protagonists. 

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Rory de Brouwer

Associate Artistic Director

Rory de Brouwer is a director, (post)performance poet, deviser-writer, producer and interlocuter by inclination; a frequent teller of tales. He has developed a new form of performance known as audience-specific theatre, demanding an actor be totally present with complete strangers, eschewing the rigidity of rehearsed lines and actions. He has performed across Canada and internationally in India and the UK and is currently developing an aesthetic for the (post)apocalypse.

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Raylene Turner

Associate Artistic Director & Head of Visual Design and Media

Currently, Raylene has no idea what her biography consists of anymore. She is questioning everything.

All she knows is that her apartment has never been cleaner.

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Melinda Mohammed

Producing Director

Melinda is now becoming a professional Netflix binge watcher and just may switch her career path when this is all over. -  that's a career right?

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Danya Buonastella

Associate Curator & Administration

Danya has been doing stuff with lots of amazing people for a while now. Time does not exist for her at the moment, but she spends her days with her busy toddler and "ironically" watching bad shows on Netflix. 

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Vincent Leblanc Beaudoin

French Outreach & Curatorial Consultant

Vincent is a Toronto-based bilingual actor.

Recent credits include: Painting His Apartment (co-production in 2020), Typewriting Letters To Loved Ones (2020), Spring Cleaning (2020), Gardenin' & Cleanin' Up Da Backyard (2020), and Drinking Lotssssss of Vino (ongoing project). 

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