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There are only a few things you need to know about the Seqret City in advance...

As a lone audience member you will undertake a

journey, following presences into streets, alleyways

and undisclosed locations as The Seqret City

manifests and transforms your usual world into an

urban labyrinth. You will soon find yourself at the

centre of an unfolding narrative of unexpected

experiences and dimensions.


1. Compose an email to:

2. Subject line: chaos collision

3. Body of the email: take me away.

4. Click send.


for the ballot:

Each email gives you access to only one spot

and one entry in the ballot. Each email address

can only send one email request.

If you got a ticket you will be notified by email

on November 10th – you have 24 hours after

that to confirm attendance.

The ballot chooses whether you are selected for

the 25th or 26th journey. No requests on

preferred dates can be accommodated.

Please note the starting point is a seqret location.

If selected you will be notified about the exact

meeting point.

for the performance:

Duration of each performance is slightly variable

(~360 minutes). Some moments are meant for

one audience member, others for many.

• Absolutely no late comers. Please arrive at least

10 minutes prior to your show time.

• Expect active audience participation, including

walking. Sneakers or running shœs are

recommended, and comfortable clothing.

• Please bring a fully charged cell phone during

your experience.

• Performances will go ahead rain, snow, or shine.

In case of precipitation bring an umbrella, raincoat

or other clothing that will keep you warm and dry.

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