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the stranger

the stranger is an urban immersive format designed for one audience member at a time, who becomes the protagonist of a multi-sensory experience. various iterations of the format have been presented in toronto, canada (in three different editions); vancouver, canada; mumbai, india; and sansepolcro, italy. every incarnation of the show has received praise from audiences and critics alike.


the project transforms the audience members into active participants. Lost in an urban labyrinth, these participants explores streets, alleyways and other undisclosed locations in the city. They meet with and follow “strangers” while becoming the  centre of a narrative that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. 

due to the direct interaction between actor, audience and the surrounding environment, each performance offers a completely unique experience. the familiar landscape of the city is transformed into an urban stage. the audience interacts with characters hidden among the pedestrians in the downtown core and interactive installations including dance, music, and painting. the project invites the audience to question their relationship with the city, themselves, and the artists that they encounter.  

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